1. Summary: Sometimes he’s rough. SasuNaru.

    Words: 1663

    Warnings: abuse, probably dubcon, borderline explicit sex, somewhat graphic violence or description thereof, lots of injuries and generally negative feelings. A lot of suffering. Definitely not a happy ending. I don’t know how to do warnings.

  2. Okay so on weeks where I forget to post an excerpt (which is pretty often - I mean, I forget to post the links too), I’ll put said excerpt under the link. So here’s this week’s.

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  4. Excerpt: L.U.S.T. Chapter 23

    Wow, so I don’t know what part of this chapter I can even quote here. It seems I failed to indicate that this chapter is almost entirely smut, since no one seems to have mentioned it in their reviews. In any case, I guess this preview is pretty NSFW.

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  7. L.U.S.T.

    So as soon as I started my hiatus proper, I wrote three chapters, two of which I started and finished in the space of three days.

    I can’t remember the last time I wrote this fast, if I ever have. It’s thrilling.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t mean the hiatus is cancelled; I’d like to get as far ahead as I can before life comes to bite me in the ass.

    In the meantime, if you’re a LUST reader, there’s a very important poll on my FFN profile for you to vote on! It could change a bit of how the fic is written, so go forth and vote!

  8. I’ve updated L.U.S.T. because it was my birthday yesterday and I feel like it. DEAL.

  9. Excerpt: L.U.S.T. Chapter 15

    Whoops, a bit late on the excerpt this week lol. In my defence, I’ve been out all day erryday since I came to Japan. (Not to brag, but… okay, nope, I am bragging. It’s fantastic.) Unfortunately also due to being super busy, I’m going to have to go on a short hiatus for a few weeks after this week’s update. With the amount of time I have to write (i.e. maybe half an hour a day since when we get home I’m usually so tired I can barely think), I’m going nowhere near fast enough for weekly updates anymore.

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  10. L.U.S.T. Notes

    Came across this in my documents just now. I like to brainstorm in jot note form, trying to write down everything I know and want out of a fic before/while I write it. The thing is, stuff always gets changed and forgotten and left out. I’ll be working on one point I wanted, then the dialogue and narration will just kind of end up somewhere else and I won’t be able to use something else I’d hoped for. It’s not necessarily that the new thing is bad; it just derails me a little.

    Like that. Just got derailed. Anyway, here’s some notes from L.U.S.T. Thought you guys might be interested in taking a look and seeing what I managed to use and what I didn’t. I admit that in these notes you will find a few of my failures, things I definitely should have tried to incorporate at all costs but somehow lost along the way… and things that I kept almost exactly the same as the original idea.

    Note that I like nesting bullet points using up to three levels, but tumblr makes formatting that a little difficult so bear with me. It also turned solid dots into that weird S symbol. What.

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  11. Missed a day AGAIN

    I do not have a good track record with this thing. At least I finished it though!

    Day 29: Confess something awkward you thought of them.

    What counts as awkward? Like, I’d like to be in a threesome with them? I’d love to set up a videocamera in their bedroom (with their consent of course) and tape a porno? I’d put Sasuke on my list of guys I’d love to fuck with a strap-on? Most of the “awkward” things I can think of are sex-related.

    Uh. Yeah. TMI Saturday anyone? *cough*

    Day 30: Try to convince someone why they should like them together.

    Well I’m not one to bash anyone over the head with my ship, but there are certainly lots of reasons to ship them and I argue them on a regular basis for my own benefit as well as for the benefit of other shippers and shippers-to-be. I mean, as long as you respect that there’s a very strong bond between them, I don’t care whether you ship them romantically or just as really good friends or whatever. But you can’t deny there’s something there. They’d die for each other. They’d give up everything they have to save the other - Sasuke less so now than he would have at the beginning, but certainly it was there at some point. They thrive in their rivalry, making each other better and stronger. Also, it’s one of the biggest pairings in the Naruto fandom, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the lack of fic/art that you might in less popular ships. Not that there’s anything wrong with less popular ships, but they can be frustrating to hold on to.

  13. Excerpt: L.U.S.T. Chapter 14

    Wait is it Thursday already? Ack. I’ve been really busy in the past week. I guess it’s good that I got ahead with chapter 16, because 17’s being a right pain in my behind. I’ve had to cut a good two thousand words from at least three different instances because the chapter just kept doing things I didn’t want it to. I’m on the right track now, just have to figure out how to make it work…

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  14. Day 25: The pair is becoming a threesome: who do you think could join them?

    Sakura or Sai, without a doubt. I ship all the Team Seven kids in almost any combination. It’s mostly Naru-centric, but with the original Team Seven (Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke) it’s easier to make it a balanced three-way. They’ve all worked together and helped each other out.

    Let’s start with SasuNaruSaku, and look at each of the pairing relationships: SasuNaru, NaruSaku, and SasuSaku. (Note that I use these terms not to denote a seme/uke or dominant/submissive dynamic, but simply to refer to their relationships together.)

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  15. Catching up!

    I’ve been otherwise occupied for the past three days, so here’s the catch-up 30days post.

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