1. Banter in Polish!

    Dunno if I have any Polish followers on here, but FFN user Annormal translated Banter into Polish! You can read it here.

  2. random question how many of you like lesbian fic? because… because i might be writing some fem!sasunaru lesbian fic.


  3. SasuNaru Fantasy PWP

    Well a total of one person requested that I post this so here it is. (If I only posted things a bunch of people asked for, nothing would ever happen on this blog haha.)

    I wrote this ages ago and frankly I think it’s a bit dumb/contrived. Here’s the story behind why this thing exists.

    Note that this is SUPER NSFW. If you are in a public place or have parents and/or young children hovering behind you, do not click the read more. Yeah. That’s about it. It’s like 2100 words or so.

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  5. springramblings said: I'm so happy to have discovered your fanfics. SasuNaru was my first ship that I was OBSESSED over. There used to be so many quality fics in this fandom. Now, many of the really great writers have moved on. I'm happy to see that we still have one great writer left in our fandom. :)

    AHH THANK YOU I think I know what you mean? At least in my personal experience with the fandom, I used to devour fic and now I hardly read it at all due to being busy / too lazy to look stuff up / too picky about what I read. I’m sure there are plenty of amazing SasuNaru writers besides me! In fact there are definitely some better than me.

    (Also not to burst your bubble but I’m less invested in the SasuNaru fandom than I used to be. I doubt I’ll leave anytime soon, but this is mostly because I’m so comfortable writing fic for them and less for other fandoms. So when I write fic, I tend to fall back on them…)

  6. Time to rant about the latest Naruto chapter(s)! There’s gonna be spoilers (and also it’s a really long post… now imagine getting one of these on a regular basis and you know what it feels like to be my beta) so I’m putting this under a cut. As a writer I just really wanted to do a bit of analysis on the story and what I think is working or not working, mostly involving Sasuke.

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  7. uzumakisses said: Hi! About that "put the title in your askbox" thing... This Is Home?

    Sorry I left this for ages!

    Little known fact about This Is Home: Sasuke hates living with Naruto’s disorganization and his lack of hygiene and his snoring and his complaints and his ramen and his hyperactivity. But not once does he ever regret his decision.

  8. HERE IT IS GUYS thanks for waiting so long have nearly 10k words ok bye /sleeps forever

  9. Anonymous said: heeey r+f! do you have any fanfiction pet peeves??

    DO I. I don’t read fanfiction much (my fanfiction consumption has been picking up lately, but it’s all been Homestuck), but I used to devour it pretty much without discrimination. This was a bad move on my part. I ended up reading a lot of bad fics which have affected my character headcanons in bad ways. It’s part of why I still struggle to write Sasuke and Naruto in character - my idea of IC for them is much broader than I’d normally consider for other characters. I’ve been told I still do pretty well, but mistakes tend to scar me. Okay, that sounds a lot more dramatic than it really is. But every time I think back on my old fics, including Two Face, I just ask myself how I could ever have thought that was IC. Even now I write Sasuke too caring, Naruto too smart. I have to fight it and a lot of the time I just don’t want to. Sasuke’s a horribly flawed and selfish person in a way that makes him hard to write sympathetically. (Ironically I seem to be angering my readers more regarding Naruto in L.U.S.T., though.)

    But anyway. Despite all that, OOC characters really bug me, which I guess would be hypocritical except that a] I’m aware of my own failings and b] I’m always working to fix them. Another pet peeve is bad spelling and grammar. Awkward sex scenes can be pretty bad too, though that is entirely a personal preference and is a bit of a wild card - I couldn’t say exactly what makes a scene good or bad in my eyes, but I’m very picky about it. I’m really picky about fic in general, to be honest. If I’m not captivated, more likely than not I’ll just close the tab.

    I know a fic is good when I’ve been reading for ages and can’t stop, and then when I do I feel strange pulling out of the world in which I’ve become immersed. When the fic starts tinting the way I see the world for the next day or two. When the vocabulary of my head voice and sometimes even my out-loud voice starts to shift towards the vocabulary of the fic, of the narrator. I’ve read a couple of Homestuck fics lately that have gotten me saying motherfucker and “coddammit” a lot.

  10. Anonymous said: I was wondering, why do you ship sasunaru? You write them so perfectly btw<3

    If you’re asking about the history of why I ship SasuNaru, you won’t find it. It’s been lost to the ages by way of my horribly selective memory. I may have shipped it before I knew what shipping was. It may be surprising to hear that I’ve always found the joke kiss at the beginning of the story really kind of awful and cringey. Playing the kiss for humour actually ruins the ship a bit - oh, haha, they’re not gay and they kissed it’s so disgusting look at them suffer.

    Why did I just go on that tangent? Anyway, I’ve already answered this sort of question before, and I’d do it again but I’m really busy right now but I still want to answer you anyway! So I shall direct you to this post as well as my 30days tag where you can see all sorts of musings I’ve had about SasuNaru. And if you still have questions that those posts don’t answer, feel free to send me another ask! I’ll get to them sometime after my deadline tomorrow.

  11. So yesterday at uni someone was looking for animation reference of people getting punched in the face, so someone else brought up a video of the Sasuke/Naruto fight at the valley of the end




    Good to know my OTP is still intact… My fandom priorities have kind of switched over to Homestuck lately, but watching that video, I could hardly contain myself. Tumblr’s broken something deep inside me that stopped me from going berserk at the slightest feels.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled dashboard.

  13. Summary: Sometimes he’s rough. SasuNaru.

    Words: 1663

    Warnings: abuse, probably dubcon, borderline explicit sex, somewhat graphic violence or description thereof, lots of injuries and generally negative feelings. A lot of suffering. Definitely not a happy ending. I don’t know how to do warnings.

  15. Two Face Chapter Summaries: Part 1

    Part one of the chapter summaries! Note that these are notes written for myself more than anything else, based on how much I know and what I think is important for me to remember for my redux. These notes are not really a synopsis of any sort; for example, if you’ve never read Two Face, you’ll probably have no idea what’s going on, but there will still be spoilers. Ultimately these are for my own use, but you’re free to read them if you’d like.

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