1. Day 14: Your impression the first time you saw/read NaruSasuNaru

    Sorry, I had to change the grammar… it was bothering me Dx

    Um, that said… I honestly don’t remember. Like I said earlier (yeah I repeat myself a lot) I have a terrible memory. But that’s a pretty lame answer, so I can say a few other things.

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  2. Day 5: Favourite doujinka/circle


    I don’t know what it is about 10-Rankai’s art. As soon as I see it I recognize it. I’m usually the type to prefer more delicate, aesthetic styles, but 10-Rankai’s style is simple and emotive, and I think that’s the most important thing. She knows how to draw the right expressions and choose the right words to hit you right in the heart. She’s got a great sense of humour, too.

    Suggested works: Taiyou no Sumika, Trade!, Toast to the Former Future, Extreme Confession, Aoi no Nagi

    (Really I’d suggest all of them but… gotta make some choices here. Also there’s a few I know of but haven’t been able to get a hold of scanlated, and I’m sure there are more after that I have no idea about.)

  3. Day 4: Favourite doujinshi


    Sorry. I have feels. The entire series called “Residence of the Sun” by 10-Rankai is my favourite, hands down. Konoha tracks down Sasuke and uses a technique to seal his memories. He returns to them completely different. Throughout the three volumes (that I’ve read - there’s a fourth but I can only find raws) Naruto must take care of Sasuke and find a way to undo the curse and bring Sasuke back. There’s so much love and caring between the two despite the issues they have to face.

  4. Reading Boxer & Rice

    Boxer & Rice p11

    Hang on a second…

    [Scanlation credits to Arigatomina]

  5. Dat face.
(For context, they’ve switched bodies. From the doujinshi “Trade!” by Emi aka 10-Rankai)

    Dat face.

    (For context, they’ve switched bodies. From the doujinshi “Trade!” by Emi aka 10-Rankai)