1. R+F: Nezumi's an asshole but I love him anyway
    2. R+F: kind of like Sasuke?
    3. f-adorable: yesssss
    4. f-adorable: why do I love gay assholes though
    5. f-adorable: not literally
    1. R+F: this fic is doing the thing that fics always do
    2. R+F: where i have an idea and i want to stick to it
    3. R+F: and then the fic is like OH WHAT'S THAT PLOTLINE OVER THERE OOH
  1. Naruto flinched when Sasuke said Sai’s name, for although his tone was casual, barbed wire edged his voice like it was masquerading as a safety net.
  2. Summary: Naruto knows the smell of that lightning all too well: it lacks the stormy air that comes with natural thunderstorms, bringing instead the crisp tang of chakra, a hint of a human odour. SasuNaru.

    Words: 4515

    Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex.

  3. Why hallo thar

    Hey, tumblr! This is The Raven and the Fox, or just R+F for short. I write fanfics, mainly SasuNaruSasu, which you can find at my profile on FF.net. Tumblr’s great because the tags let you connect with all sorts of people, and I find you get more feedback (even if it’s just simple likes and reblogs) than on a regular blog, so I figured it’d get my work out there. I spend a lot of time on the SasuNaru tag, and I’ve seen a couple of people mention my work already… which is kind of mind boggling, not gonna lie. But mostly I’ll be linking to any new fics I post and maybe putting up discontinued writing of mine. Not yet sure whether to do that exclusively on my blogspot, or if I should make some stuff here exclusive, or if I should just cross-post everything. Anyway, things will be had! See you soon!