1. holy fuck i don’t remember drawing these

  2. Excerpt: L.U.S.T. Chapter 34

    Thought I’d leave you with a quick excerpt of the upcoming chapter, since it’s coming along nicely. This one is part of a phone call between Naruto and his mom. I had a lot of fun writing her.

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  3. SasuNaru Fantasy PWP

    Well a total of one person requested that I post this so here it is. (If I only posted things a bunch of people asked for, nothing would ever happen on this blog haha.)

    I wrote this ages ago and frankly I think it’s a bit dumb/contrived. Here’s the story behind why this thing exists.

    Note that this is SUPER NSFW. If you are in a public place or have parents and/or young children hovering behind you, do not click the read more. Yeah. That’s about it. It’s like 2100 words or so.

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  4. Time to rant about the latest Naruto chapter(s)! There’s gonna be spoilers (and also it’s a really long post… now imagine getting one of these on a regular basis and you know what it feels like to be my beta) so I’m putting this under a cut. As a writer I just really wanted to do a bit of analysis on the story and what I think is working or not working, mostly involving Sasuke.

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    I literally spent all day working (rather slowly) on these drawings. They’re not fantastic and neither the character designs nor the intro blurbs are 100% set in stone, but it’s what I’m working with for now. In particular their blood colours are rather dark (I’d like Naruto’s to be more orange than brown), but I used what looked good against their shirts.

    As far as design goes, I wanted to get something close to the original designs but also work in Alternian stuff (like how trolls generally have a crap sense of style). I think the thing I’m least satisfied with is the horns - while they look pretty good, they don’t really represent anything. Naruto’s were supposed to look a bit like the Kyuubi’s ears, while Sasuke’s are reminiscent of the tomoe marks that show up in the Sharingan, but I didn’t want the circular part because that would look dumb on his head and, for me, Sasuke has always been about looking good, while Naruto’s more susceptible to silly design things (orange capris, really?). Trolls don’t usually wear a lot of colour, but I could NOT give up the bright orange pants.

    One headcanon (or maybe it’s canon? I’m not sure) I go with is that a troll’s blood colour starts showing up in their irises as they go through puberty. Though I wrote the blurbs as if they’re 12-13, I think these drawings depict them a little older - 15/16 perhaps. I plan to try to go through the canon story of Naruto but from an Alternian perspective, which is going to be especially hard with Sasuke’s whole avenger schpiel because trolls don’t have families.

    Also I couldn’t think of a decent Strife Specibus for Naruto. Maybe something related to his sharingan or his clones if I can figure that out. Sasuke obviously wields swordkind.

    I’m gonna try to do Homestuck-style sprites of these guys later too. Also also, I’m definitely going to design Sakura and Sai trolls and maybe others later!

    God this is fun.

  6. f-adorable:


    [Sasuke/Naruto] goes to battle[/something], and he tells [Naruto/Sasuke] he’ll be fine even though he knows it’s not true. [Naruto/Sasuke] worries; his instincts tell him something’s going to go wrong. Implied death in the end.

    Okay whoa this was supposed to have a lot more tension and I don’t know what but I just
    I’m gonna leave this here because my heart can’t take the feels

    “You’ll come back, right?”

    The words are bold, spoken softly but bold all the same in the silence of their little apartment flat. A single flame burns low in an emptying lantern; its light traces the edges of rough hands smoothing out a shirt, slender fingers sliding a vest over muscled arms and settling it on broad shoulders. They touch, and touch again, and the press of duty stifles their moment but they know – they both know he has lingered too long.

    “You’ll come back,” he says again, quieter this time, cutting once more into the dead silence.

    “Of course.” Calluses trace the dancing firelight against pale skin, a high cheekbone. “I didn’t spend five years searching for you only to abandon you, Sasuke.”

    Sasuke has to force the words through a too-tight throat. “Promise me. Naruto, swear you’ll—”

    “I promise. I absolutely promise,” he says, and his conviction is all in his voice and none in his heart but these are the things he has to do, the little white lies – the big white lies he must seal before he goes.

    “Don’t be reckless.” Something in Sasuke’s voice hardens, but Naruto knows it’s a defence mechanism, a way for the other to protect himself against the emotions he still rejects, even now, years later. “If you break your promise thanks to some dumb stray kunai, I will never forgive you.”

    “I won’t die.” Naruto has to untangle himself from Sasuke’s body, their legs and their arms and their fingers and their hair. “This is the last fight. With this, we win Konoha’s freedom. We win peace. I’ll see you soon, Sasuke.”

    But Naruto’s barely taken a step towards the door before Sasuke’s stopping him, grabbing his wrist for dear life.

    “Trade with me,” Sasuke pleads. “Defend the city’s walls instead. I don’t care what Tsunade says, you don’t belong on the front lines with Kyuubi—”


    Sasuke freezes in place – frozen by the heat in Naruto’s voice. Slowly Naruto turns, and the pain in his eyes is so overwhelming that Sasuke immediately goes to him, holds him, clings to him.

    “I won’t,” Naruto whispers into Sasuke’s ear. “I won’t trade with you. I won’t trade your life for mine.”

    Sasuke’s heart drops.

    “Naruto,” he breathes, but Naruto’s already pulling away again, parting from him one last time, and just before the lantern goes out Sasuke catches a glimmer of wetness on Naruto’s cheeks.

    “I’ll come back,” Naruto says in the darkness, but he chokes on the words and his voice breaks. “Goodbye, Sasuke.”

    He opens the door, steps through, and shuts it.

    Sasuke can’t breathe.

  8. Excerpt: L.U.S.T. Chapter 14

    Wait is it Thursday already? Ack. I’ve been really busy in the past week. I guess it’s good that I got ahead with chapter 16, because 17’s being a right pain in my behind. I’ve had to cut a good two thousand words from at least three different instances because the chapter just kept doing things I didn’t want it to. I’m on the right track now, just have to figure out how to make it work…

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  9. Day 28: Tell something you would like to say to Kishimoto about the pair

    Thanks, I guess, for making them the way they are. Thank you for two characters who understand each other so much, yet have such conflict between them. Thank you for making a dark to Naruto’s light, a strength to Naruto’s weakness. Rivalry, friendship, kinship - their relationship, romantic or not, is what feeds my fanfiction, and my life would not be the same without it. Thank you for making Sasuke the biggest goal in Naruto’s life, and for making Naruto so dedicated as to chase him to the ends of the Earth. For allowing Sasuke to help Naruto out despite his self-centred goals. For feeding the fandom and fueling the ship, even though most characters by this point would be screaming “no homo.”

    I think Sasuke’s being a bit of an idiot, pursuing the destruction of Konoha even after meeting Itachi again, but I get the feeling that was going to be inevitable. Maybe in the end he’ll decide to turn around and help defeat Tobi instead. I really hope that whatever you do to reunite him with Naruto, it’ll live up to - and even exceed - all our speculation and hopes and dreams. I get that that’s a pretty serious demand, but I’m holding out hope. I don’t really want Naruto to end, but on the other hand dragging it out would just be painful. So do what you think is best, and I’ll be following through to the end no matter what.

  10. Catching up!

    I’ve been otherwise occupied for the past three days, so here’s the catch-up 30days post.

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  12. Day 21: A song which makes you think of them

    Oh my god so many. To be honest, I can’t remember them all. I need a playlist. The thing is, I can take 90% of songs that have lyrics about a person or a relationship and just turn them into a SasuNaru situation, because I can turn anythinginto a SasuNaru situation. And since music these days seems to mostly be about love or a person’s problems, my mind can translate it into fic inspiration.

    If we’re talking canon, though, here’s one.

    Diver by NICO Touches the Walls (video, lyrics)

    I guess this one’s obvious as it’s a Naruto Shippuuden opening song. Also maybe this is cheating because it’s the opening video itself that really makes it, and the lyrics are just a supplement of that. But I really wanted to have a good, analytical look at this.

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  13. Day 20: Describe the pair with three qualities or emotions

    1. Duality, polarity, foils: Sasuke and Naruto are two sides of the same coin. Dark and light, yin and yang, each unable to exist without the other.
    2. Destructive: Mostly on Sasuke’s side. He defects from Konoha to learn from the antagonists and follow his own path, and in doing so slowly destroys himself and Naruto, who can no longer focus on anything but finding Sasuke, even if that means neglecting other duties and people.
    3. Inseparable, intertwined, inextricable: Mostly on Naruto’s side. He refuses to let Sasuke go; Sasuke has given him meaning and has changed him, and Sasuke isn’t so easily able to forget his closest friend either.
  14. train of thought

    Uchiha and Uzumaki are two of the most powerful lineages > if Sasuke had a child with Karin the kid would probably be unstoppable > but we can’t have anyone besting Naruto now can we, not when he’s the main character and all > so what if, when Sasuke comes back and they’ve all grown up and are thinking of having kids > Sasuke thinks, well, I gotta restore my clan and I want it to be fucking powerful dammit > I wonder if Naruto’s sexy no jutsu is fertile > BAM, SasuNaru kids happy ending everyone sobs

    (Okay so I know that this is highly unrealistic for canon and it’s mostly my crazed inner fangirl speaking and saying Naruto’s bi but damn an Uchiha x Uzumaki kid would just… hnnngrrnnhgrh)

  15. Day 18: Most beautiful words read about the couple

    Okay these are getting a bit weird now. Or just difficult on account of my crap memory. I guess I can just… I dunno, go find a quote from a fic I like or something.

    This probably isn’t literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read about them, on account of there being so many beautiful things out there that it’d fill a dictionary to write them all down, but it sure says a lot.

    It was hard for both of them, learning to allow emotions apart from anger and antagonism to bubble to the surface. Naruto embarrassed easily, turning away and pressing close as opposed to meeting Sasuke’s eyes. Sasuke was silent, testing the situation more than experiencing it. It was where they both wanted to be, but admitting it was a thing apart.

    Admission came in the form of little gasps and wide-eyed expressions, in the way Naruto nuzzled close, in the way Sasuke reached to embrace. They learned as they went, awkward laughs and little chuckles wiping away the stress of something so strange as Naruto sinking into Sasuke, Sasuke allowing such an intimate intrusion. They chipped away at each other’s masks with each kiss and thrust until each finally saw the other.

    "This." Naruto whispered, face a study in surprise and contentment. "This.”

    This by fireun